TimeTools is a time-manage application which helps professional creaters to make mast erpieces in their studios.
This app includes abundant knowledge that Nippon Broadcasting System --- a leading radio station in Tokyo, Japan --- has found for more than 50 years.
Sofisticated interfaces are inspired by professional creaters ideas.
We provide you 3 different functions to support various creative scenes.

Time Calculator

This function is useful especially for directors & timekeepers.

Explanation of the screen

Main Screen

  • A Time Display

    The whole of the Display is Start & Stop button.

  • B Current Time Display (ON/OFF selectable)

  • C Selector of timer & stopwatch

  • D Configuration

Configurate Screen

  • E Determine background color

  • F Vibration ON/OFF

  • G Countdown alarm

    On Timer Mode, if the Remaining time that displayed on the screen is less than the Countdown Alarm Time, the whole display turns red and starts to blink.

How to input time

If you input "123456", "12: 34' 56" will be displayed on the screen automatically.
"00" Button makes it possible to input figures easily.

This change is reflected when you push [+][-][=]or [start/stop] button.
If carryings are included, these are reflected at the same time.


This mode provides useful functions for DJs / MCs, & narrators.

Explanation of the screen



  • C a second hand

  • D a second hand (split time)

  • E a minute hand

  • F Counter display visible or invisible

  • G Vibration mode

  • H Guide an aimed time

    When you tap a figure on the clock plate, the guide line appears on the plate. You can let it dissappered by tapping a same figure.


This mode provides a function of frame caluculation for movie editors.

Explanation of the screen

  • A Hour, Minute, Second, Frame button

  • B Framerate selector

How to input time

Continuous figures are divided into HOUR, MIN, SEC, and FRAME part.

(eg.) on 29.97/30 fps
  • 4321 --- 0:00:43:21
  • 43214321 --- 43:21:43:21

Prepared "H", "M", "S", "F" buttons, you can input figures according to your habit.

(eg.) on 29.97/30 fps
  • 1H --- 1:00:00:00
  • 1H23S --- 1:00:23:00
  • 3000F --- 0:01:40:00

Unit change

Using "H", "M", "S", "F" for the result of caluculation, the result changes it's unit simply.

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